ESP Consulting

Business Advisory & BPO

Business Advisory & Business Process Outsourcing

We are a consultancy with various management advisory services on offer, all employing international best practice implementation models.

Underpinned by a philosophy of becoming your partner for life, we provide quality end to end advisory services to help you unlock future growth.


Strategic Management
Performance Management
Programme and Project Management
Financial Management
Revenue Enhancement
Asset Management
Contract Management

Strategic Management:

  • Our well-versed team assist both private and public sector institutions to define and unpack business value and develop new, or redefine existing, strategies, including business turnaround strategies, to achieve objectives outlined, both in the short-term and long-term.

Performance Management:

  • We understand the value of implementing performance management systems to any businesses operations. A key tenet of our PMS philosophy resides In the implementation performance management systems based on the balance scorecard approach and assist in gathering, analyzing, interpreting and reporting performance metrics and data to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the operational environment.

Programme and Project Management:​

  • Through the employment of accredited Project Management methodologies, we assist our clients in managing large scale projects undertaken, ensuring on-time and successful delivery, all within budget and often resulting in cost savings but at a significantly higher level of quality.​

Financial Management:

  • Comprising a team of professional accountants and auditors, we provide financial management advisory services, including various accounting services, AFS preparation, SCOA and mSCOA implementation, audit readiness, internal audit services,, internal control environment assessments, business mapping and re-engineering, accredited training and process development, etc.

Revenue Enhancement:

  • Using advanced data analytics and insights, we offer next generation advisory services to our clients in unlocking new revenue streams and improving existing revenue streams. Coupled with our foresight and ability in understanding emerging and existing industry challenges and dynamics, we can better strategically position our clients to maximize their revenue potential through various interventions.

Asset Management:

  • As an advisory business in the Financial Management sphere, we provide our clients with various Asset Management services, from the identification, verification, valuation and up to the disclosure of both immovable and movable assets.


  • We have strong entrenched roots in procurement in both private and public sectors and have emerged as a leading SCM consultancy to the Public Sector at all levels of Government. Our services include Policy and SOPS development and implementation, strategic sourcing, auditing of public sector SCM systems and processes, development, interpretation and implementation of new legislative frameworks, standards and regulations, accredited training and development, etc.

Contract Management:

  • Contract Management has emerged as an integral focus for many large institutions. We understand our clients have numerous needs in respect of such, and provide our services in contract negotiation skills, drafting of performance agreements, monitoring and evaluation of expenditure on large scale projects that have vast legal and financial implications, conducting reviews of expenditure in line with contract terms, identification and quantifying irregular expenditure, etc.